Sadly, I've had nothing but problems executing orders through StocksToTrade. It WORKS, but 1) it makes STT super laggy, 2) there's an extra delay between STT and the broker for both execution fills (DANGEROUS) and registering green/red chart arrows for visual order reference, 3) the API could be having issues, because ETrade doesn't let you use more than one instance on your account at a time (for example: I can't use Power ETrade AND ETrade Pro at the same time, it logs me out of one when I start the other) which is an issue because STT just freezes up completely when I launch any ETrade platform (TERRIBLY DANGEROUS MID-TRADE) (it's not STT's fault, but it doesn't handle it well by completely freezing or crashing). STT Support told me to reach out to ETrade, I decided to just skip broker integration on STT altogether. All kinds of API errors were popping up on STT from ETrade AND Interactive Brokers... And I really didn't like how STT Support just left it at, "talk to your broker".... Like I said, it'll work, but STT is MUCH MUCH MUUUCH smoother without brokerage accounts linked to it. It loads at least 2-3x faster as well. My biggest question is WHY does it crash/freeze when there's an API or connection issue? Why doesn't it just say "disconnected" like other platforms, but still run perfectly fine? Either way, it's worth more in the long-run to get acquainted with individual brokerage software platforms, as I really don't want to be tied down to using only STT for everything. So I'm very pleased with today's progress =) ... Other than broker integration, STT is phenomenal.... so far. (albeit it still won't save chart markers after closing the software but whatever, that started with this latest update so I'll be waiting for the next one). For anyone wondering, STT is still very much worth the monthly price; and for anyone who would say that I "shouldn't have to deal with these things for the amount that it costs", that's unfortunately a loser entitled mentality that would get me nowhere. I am more than willing to figure out how to make it work to do what it needs to do for me to make MONEY. That's all that matters in the end here.

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