The only watcher I have so far is LGCY. It's down off of it's highs, but near multi-term support at 0.50. I will be looking to enter a dip buy there, either on the initial dip or on a Multi-Dip Recurl. Should it break that level, all bets are off in my opinion. If it can truly bounce from there, it has plenty of room and little resistance to double if not triple. Yesterday was a very solid FGD and it has a couple minor resistance levels to break, but it's a former runner, biggest % gainer, up on news. Although, judging my the Market Cap and Float, this ticker may take all day to run up. Looking at the chart from yesterday, it's a slow mover, which makes sense based on the previously mentioned fundamentals. I unfortunately don't have much time to be in the market today, and since this is the only watcher for me, I'll just scrap today altogether =) ... I'll keep LGCY up though, to see later whether or not my theory panned out. Wont be able to trade tomorrow either, but that's ok since I'll still be waiting for ETrade to free up a couple day trades anyway. I need to catch up on my video lessons, so I'll take the time off to do that instead.

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