Small (-$30) shakeout on FRAN at ideal entry for the Multi-Dip Recurl. Was looking to cut losses EXTRA quickly if it didn't bounce immediately and I'm so pleased that I did =). I'm trying to reestablish my discipline in Multi-Dip Recurls after a few small losses from stupid trades and bad habits (from experimenting with other setups over the past couple of weeks). Decided to just post trades in bulk like I see a lot of traders doing on here. Makes sense. I need to focus more on trading than posting. NOT GONNA LIE!!! I'm seriously contemplating leaving TDAmeritrade and just combining all funds under ETrade for just three day trades. ETrade PRO is SO MUCH better than ThinkorSwim LOL. I don't know, everything is just all on one screen, I don't have to navigate between "Trade" and "Monitor" to manage positions. Three day trades just feels like not enough though. Even though I typically only trade 3-4 times per week, I just like having the ability to trade six times. Although, only having three trades would make me focus on only the best ENTRIES of the best plays...... Hmm..

dag_duglas Jul 17, 19 11:42 AM

You can convert your account to a cash account under which there is no day trade limitation but you can trade till you have settled cash in hand

PocketPAT Jul 17, 19 11:52 AM

@Divye interesting, thanks. I've just looked into this, but I've already decided to keep things as they are now with TDAmeritrade. No need to change the program, I should just focus on being a better trader.

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