Hmmmm... Conversations on the way home from the gym: I’m starting to reconsider sizing in. It makes perfect sense once over PDT, but with 3-6 day trades, sizing in with two trades per ticker may not be worth it. I currently have two trades left on ETrade til tomorrow and one at TDAmeritrade til Friday. I’d feel more comfortable with more bullets in the chamber. I think I’ll use $2k til I’m consistently profitable, then raise my positions to $3k til I've doubled my account size; then I’ll increase positions again to $4k til I’m over PDT. This way, I’ll have six bullets in the chamber each week and can still practice great risk-management =) ------ I'll save size-in's for when I'm in a ticker that REALLY spikes and I'm up from way down below. At that point, a size-in would be super profitable. Other than that, I'll stick to singles (technically sizing in would take my position from a single to a double).

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