This morning, I used my penny-by-penny "stalking method" that I'd begun to practice recently, where I have my chart markers set, but stalk the panic on the way down in ETrade's "Order Entry" box 1-3 pennies above the current price. This way, when the panic finally turns around for the bounce: BANG!!! LMAO Instant execution (like I'm following it down a dark alley). Setting my buy a couple of pennies above the panic in motion and following it penny-by-penny as it panics to the bottom ensures that my order gets executed when the panic turns around for the bounce. BANG!!! Don't greedily attempt to get in at or within the wall of buyers, execute your order price just ABOVE the wall (1-3 pennies). Don't worry about getting that extra penny or two for the exact bottom, take the MEAT OF THE MOVE. If your order is set just above the wall or just below (when it's time to sell), your order will be fulfilled before the 90% of greedy losers who become bagholders. This is key, because many of these bounces tend to move a bit fast and trying to secure an order within the wall of buyers/sellers will lessen your chances of getting executed at all. Just ensure that it's close to the ideal entry level and not far above it on a fake bounce.

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