Best practice for me seems to have become skipping alerts altogether and instead having all tabs of my watchlist open on StocksToTrade. Before, I was uncomfortable watching more than 2-3 tickers at once. Now, for some reason, I feel extremely comfortable scrolling calmly between 10-15. I build the watchlist the night before, with in's, out's, position sizes and profit potentials; keeping all tabs open so that all I have to do the next morning is mark the chart-levels (since STT wont save them when I close it). I've been building a trading process for about nine months and the flow is pretty seamless now. During the market open, I simply click between the tabs, looking to see which tickers are fulfilling my prophecy by entering the ideal entry region; with ETrade open at the ready for order entry. It's like I have 10 tabs open on Amazon, trying to decide on a product. Once a prophecy is fulfilled, bang. Enter the order and focus on the price-action =)

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