Always be ready for every situation =) ... I stayed out of the market to load up ETrade's day trades for tomorrow. My new strategy is set (3x size-ins each day/position). Tomorrow, I will have all three day trades at ETrade to start it up fresh. Then WeBull Tuesday-Thursday and three day trades at TD on Friday. BUT!!! I saw CNN reporting the market tank from the gym this morning. I was so excited!!! Perfect time to buy into TZA, but SPXU (currently up 10% on the day) is better since it's cheaper. You could EASILY use full-size since it moves VERY slowly (also being expensive). I've just counted the potential gains on each dip bounce over the 5-period SMA on SPXU from market open til 2pm (right now) and the total for a $12k account (using full-size on every dip) would be $500-600 on the day. Also, nearly every stock on my watchlist is red. Some are over-extended, so it would make sense to short those all day. The worst ones are down 10-15% on the day!!! All slow-movers, too; so safe to size into for max risk/reward and huge profits. If the recession hit, I would switch gears immediately to shorting these slow-movers and dip-buying SPXU every day. Wonderful opportunities abound =) #ReadyForAnything

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