Top Short Watchers: CPG, HBAN, NAT, PK, NBR. All have recently broken key support and have room to fall. Think I'll just watch today, instead of paper-trading (still using TOSOD this afternoon). I feel most comfortable shorting on ETrade, while ThinkorSwim would be my second choice and WeBull the third. WeBull doesn't seem to have many ETB stocks on hand and I'll ONLY be trading easy-to-borrow on all three platforms. This is why I've been focused on building a short watchlist with tickers that are ETB on ETrade (my primary platform after reaching PDT). Currently, I have..... 46 short tickers, all with solid charts and easy to borrow. My main watcher criteria (outside of fundamentals like price, float and market cap) are that it must have clean chart history, just closing on a solid first red day and it MUST have broken a key support level either on the first red day or IDEALLY during a premarket gap down on the second day, for maximum panic and a solid resistance level to risk off of. Let's go baby!!!!!!!! #AdaptorDie ----- 3:44PM: After today's observations, I've critiqued my short watchlist from 46 tickers down to 18.

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