Just discovered that I can view my watchlist in mini-charts on WeBull, instead of lists that I'd have to process through numbers, having to click-through for chart-by-chart..... *sigh* WeBull is sooo awesome in EVERY way--- except for when it matters! I'm bouncing ideas around to see if I can avoid doing the three-broker split...... lol I'm gonna really try to make it make sense. Smh. ----- 9:06AM: I've decided to just suck it up and stick with ETrade and WeBull (still sizing in 1/3 on each from $2,500 to $7,500). It's just gonna have to be part of the process. Keeping one watchlist, where I'll just look for the best plays and see if they're easy to borrow on WeBull. If I do it early enough (like at 9am now, as I'm wasting time), I can still plan ahead. It only takes a minute to determine the shortability of a ticker once I've decided that it's a contender. Perhaps I was just upset that I was so close, but yet, there was even more to learn; as there always will be.

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