Raising my price-target to $50 after seeing Jack profit $20k this past week. One of his trades was on a stock near $30. My primary goal now is to add as many good charts to my watchlist as possible. The more options I have each day, the more potential plays I can take advantage of. With WeBull having much less shorts than ETrade, especially easy-to-borrow, I need quick access to as many alternatives as I can find. Tickers I can't short at WeBull may have related stocks that have shares to short in a pinch. I've stumbled upon many tickers like CMS during my scans early this morning. Higher priced tickers with CLEANER charts and easy-to-borrow shares available, that I otherwise wouldn't even have been watching. I could have managed $675 in profits had I shorted on the initial crack and held all day til the close. LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED!!!! Now more than ever, people will challenge your focus on stocks; but stay the path and never deviate from the three rules: wide stop, never chase, take profits. Only the best setups. #KillMeFirst

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