Decided to take yesterday and today off. I've been stumbling upon many pieces but still needed to put the entire strategy together. I resubscribed to Tim Alerts (over PSSilver), but just for a month; to see what Tim and the chat were doing. I needed ideas, because I didn't have any real direction. With no premarket gap-downs, I started forcing trades. After reading a few recent watchlists from Tim and perusing the chat, I reconsidered speculative longs on sector hype and premarket breakouts on news; but the best breakthrough came after remembering how powerful StocksToTrade's scanner is at finding ideal setups. I've tried using WeBull for this over the past week and it's not even close. I had my mind made up to cancel StocksToTrade after this last billing cycle, but I'll keep it without their Level 2. There ARE many hype plays right now and the potential is crazy, but even after getting a glimpse of the profits everyone seems to be making, I'm even more excited to stick to my own setups. My problem this week was not having ideal setups, based on my shorting strategy; but that was because I was looking in the wrong places. My watchlist is only 50 tickers deep and WeBull's scanner wasn't cutting it. Firing up StocksToTrade's screener and setting up a scan for both First Red Days and Premarket Gap-Downs, I see now that 1) there were plenty of plays this week (over 45 last night) and 2) StocksToTrade is what I need to be using to find them. I've expanded my setups to 2nd/3rd Red Day Shorts, Premarket Gap-Down Shorts and Flip & Dip Longs. A great Flip & Dip is PBF this morning. After shorting the dump to clear support, I'll flip my bias and dip buy it for a single to immediate resistance above. I'll save this setup for after PDT though, since I only have so many day trades and would rather save them for high probability shorts (over speculative longs). I've been back and forth moving funds around this week, as my strategy has been all over the place; but this is one I can stick to. I'm back to focusing on ETrade and WeBull. #NoFOMO #ShortsOnly

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