Over the past week, I've switched from using $100 per trade to $1k; which will be my max equity until reaching $20k. At that point, I'll use $3k and switch to $5k after reaching $27k in equity. Let's see... I've eliminated the Support Bounce, but have fallen in LOVE with the Gap & Crap. Very easy, very predictable, high odds setup for sure. I've toyed around with the PMGD Short, removing it only to bring it back. Tweaked it and figured out that perhaps I'll stick to tickers that ONLY gap down 1-3% premarket; with much more room to fall. The huge gappers sometimes have plenty of continuation, but it's best to have it close to resistance for an easy wall to risk off of. BUT!!! The greatest thing discovered over the past week has been my reintroduction of the intra-day swing play. I've previously toyed with the thought of simply playing price-action back and forth; potentially all day. The problem was that I'd only had a small number of day trades and therefore was unable to take advantage of this HUGELY profitable setup. That was back 6-8 months ago; but now, with my recent discovery of both slow movers and Heiken Ashi candles, the intra-day swings have been VERY solid. I've only been paper-trading them so far --- BUT! It's ultra-realistic since the tickers are moving at slow (real-time) speeds, I'm using realistic position sizes and overall because I'm taking it seriously (as previously done with paper-trading last year). If anything, WeBull's laggy paper executions make it HARDER to paper-trade, as ETrade's real orders will be instantaneous and these tickers trade at least 20-100x my position size in each candle. My new schedule is to scan my watchlist of slow-moving and clean charts during premarket, choosing two Gap & Craps or 1-3% PMGDs to short simultaneously at market open; also dip-buying the reversal bounce on Gap & Craps to resistance; then switching to ONLY intra-day swings after 10:30AM and trading the FULL day until 4PM. Using 5-minute candles, these swings are literally easy money, as I simply correlate Time & Sales with the change in direction to pinpoint the ideal entry (which is typically after the first or second Doji candle has completed). If you look at how these charts move, they almost never go back and forth in direction, so it's VERY easy to simply secure the entry and ride the move. After the move reverses direction, you can simply exit your position, flip your bias and trade the opposite direction as well. You can literally do this back and forth for hours, on MULTIPLE tickers at a time (I find two to be best) for endless profits in both directions. The key has been 1) slow-movers (typically small-to-mid cap stocks) but with 2) volatile price-action (which is why building a list of go-to stocks is key), 3) HEIKEN ASHI CANDLES (the gift from the gods!!!) and 4) the ability to go both long and short (which should be easily available with these huge stocks). I've been doing less trading this week and more observing, as I'll be suspending my subscription to StocksToTrade on Saturday morning (only to resubscribe every January to March, only for building the watchlist with new tickers each year) and want to spend as much time as possible both confirming the strategy and building both my primary setup (Gap & Crap and 1-3% PMGD) and 5-minute Swing watchlists with the time I have left. I've been growing them both very quickly since Monday and am currently at 91 and 48 tickers on each respectively. The "5-minute" in the Swing name is only a mental reminder to use 5-minute candles. Many of these intra-day swings can last 20-30 minutes; but in trading them for only two hours, I easily collected $300 on slow-moving price action both ways. Had I been able to trade from market open, I could have easily (potentially) made $800 or even $1200 today and I've finally built a strategy that can be used day in and day out; in any market, at any time.

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