-34 (ALLY) ::: I've abandoned the "third candle confirmation" idea, as well as the 10-15 minute wait period at market open; opting instead to trust and WAIT for KEY LEVEL entries on 1/4 size, as securing that early entry will (as I've seemed to have forgotten) make avoiding shake-outs MUCH easier. I've also extended the Spread Box from 15 cents to 25. This is, again, to account for high volatility at market open. It'll be best to lean on the side of caution before sizing in on such high movement after the bell. I've decided to ONLY focus on tickers between $10 and $20, as these seem to have much cleaner overall price-action than cheaper stocks; and I've also refined my order flow technique. I'll leave ETrade Pro's quantity at 1/4, turn off "Preview Order", turn off "Show Submit Button" and click the order button once for initial 1/4 entry, once for the second 1/4 entry and TWICE (double-tap) for the 2X size in. This way, I don't have to fumble with changing the quantity and can focus solely on the price-action. Exiting trades will be just as easy in the opposite direction (1-Click in pieces). It's the closest thing to a Hot Key scenario (I don't want to use Hot Keys just yet). The speed and liquidity of these stocks make "Preview Order" boxes unnecessary. I'll continue to keep MARKET ORDERS, as using them in combination with the 1-Click orders make trading MUUUUCH more seamless. I'm also considering using "Last In, First Out". I can't find anyone on YouTube who's discusses the potential for smaller losses and better averages. Wouldn't it make sense that, if I get shaken out on a second size-in entry, my small loss on those most recently added shares will be worth keeping the original shares for a better average? This way, if that shakeout was wrong and the stock keeps going in my direction, I can easily reenter and still maintain the great average of the original shares (for bigger gains). THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE lol. Am I the only one??? I'm going to test it out in a while, but for now, I'll stick to First In, First Out. Baby steps, baby steps. Today has felt like a sideways day from about 10:30AM and I've made the decision to not play games on flaccid moves. I could scalp each way, but I'd rather save my sanity and move on til tomorrow. If stocks end up running or cracking in the second half of the day, after sideways action, that's perfectly fine. No need to (what's the saying?) squeeze water from a stone? Tomorrow is another day =) #ProgressProgressProgress

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