+1040 (EB, TEN, MTDR) ::: I'm considering sticking to only the big moves at the open, instead playing the reversals through 12pm. I have four solid and predictable setups, with each providing two movements in one; but $900 in today's profits were on the very first play. A few chops and scratch losses came thereafter and while it could be just how the market is moving today and it could just be worth the reversal grind profits and while it's possible that my small frustration with the moves after the first could be attributed to my having to settle for late entries (and therefore easy stop-outs and smaller gains, instead of ideal entries on t----- ok, actually, I'll stick with both the first and second moves; but ONLY if I can enter NEAR ideal entry for the reversals. If I miss it, I'll just have to sit on the sidelines. I've decided to stick with my STT scan, including a premarket news scanner for contracts, COVID-19, earnings and offerings; but I'll be looking to join Investor's Underground within the next year. Until then, I'll rewatch the Textbook Trading DVD. I've also decided to revert back to sizing in by 1/4; but I'll size-in only on higher lows, lower highs, level breaks and I'll trade with four entries max. With ETrade set to "Last In, First Out", I'll only sell later entries on potential reversals. This allows me to reenter additional shares if the stock continues to crack/bounce, for higher gains on the original lots. Tomorrow is yet another day. =) #Progress

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