Since my last strategical update, I've returned to using 2-Minute charts. It dawned on me that if the 1-Minute charts are clean, the 2-Minutes should be even cleaner. I've also decided to watch just two stocks instead of four, since it's more focused and a second perspective will be enough to judge overall sector momentum (if I can find two top stocks within the same sector). I've realized that TradingView's Stock Screener is pretty on par with StocksToTrade (the same filters provide the same results), so I'll refrain from subscribing to STT every four months as recently planned. I've nixed the idea of trading the same stocks every day. Instead, I'll now have the pleasure of scanning every morning, choosing the two with the best charts and highest Average 14-Day Range (0.75 minimum). Unless I come up with some wild and wacky scanning idea, which required complex filters, I really don't see myself ever using StocksToTrade again =/ ... It was definitely a wild ride =) . All-in-all, STT has a phenomenal scanner, but the overall functionality of the software is VERY subpar. It took using other charting sources to realize how crappy STT's charts are and the constant crashing/overall sh*tty performance is a terrible handicap to what would otherwise be a great product. To use STT, I find that you either have to get USED to the problems or find ways to get around them for an actual usable experience (likely both). Once I got past that stage, STT was laughably awesome lol. It's amazing how expensive it is though ($200/month with Level 2), given the major issues and the fact that (aside from the endless scanner filtering creativity) it's fairly easy to find comparable or in many cases BETTER technology elsewhere for FREE!!! It's amazing that I paid them for a year, but you live and learn. There will always be a special place in my heart for STT; but my new combination of TradingView for scanning, ThinkorSwim for 2-minute charting, ETrade Pro for executing orders and WeBull for extended charting (5M-4H) has slowly but surely settled into the greatest setup I could ask for =)

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