+2300 (EQT) ::: It's occurred to me that there's definitely more potential in focusing on cheaper stocks (between $10 and $15) with the potential to afford 2000 shares instead of 1000. I'd first noticed this when setting my default size to 1000, but realizing that I was not using all of my equity since the stocks were often between $10 and $15 per share. I typically wouldn't be going "all in"; but with slow-moving Mid-to-Large cap stocks, which only move 1-5 cents per minute, it's almost CRITICAL to use all of my equity with a small account (to realize the most profits). I'll be taking double the gains, with the average single providing $300-500; but I'd have to accept a 5-cent max stop at -100. Stop-outs typically take place on mid and late-day SMA reversals, but I find that I'm typically stopped out on a technical signal well before my actual mental stop. Even still, a -100 stop is well worth the typical gains that most runs seem to provide. I've been tossing around the idea of which method is best for watching stocks. Should I focus on one ticker all day? Switching between a small group of others after SMA alerts? Which time intervals are working best and how many charts should I set up? Should I use the 4-Grid and watch four at the same time? Maybe a 2-Grid? Today, I had a new brilliant idea. I'll pick the "Fantastic Four" during premarket (using TradingView) and set all four 1-Day/1-Minute charts (scaled to show the entire trading day) in full-screen on the LEFT monitor. I'll then shuffle between them using my MacOS "Mission Control" hot corner upon any SMA crack/cross alert. I've been using hot corners for productivity over the years and they're just as priceless as my ability to cycle-click between windows. This allows me to have an unlimited amount of charts in FULL-SCREEN (for ultra-wide perspective) yet easily cycle between them with the flick of my wrist or a single mouse-click. Priceless... I'll also keep all four 3-Day/5-Minute charts on the RIGHT monitor, cycle-clicking between them in full-screen when necessary. This keeps all four charts (eight total) up and ready at ALL TIMES throughout the day; so that I don't have to type or search for watchers after SMA alerts get triggered. I can LITERALLY have both the 1-min and 5-min charts up in full-screen (and pre-scaled) within 1-3 seconds. The only thing I'll have to change is the ticker symbol on ETrade's order entry, as the quantity would always be the same. So, essentially, I can get alerted, pull up the charts, read the play and enter the trade all within about five seconds. Until today, I'd not realized that one could create custom-scaled charts on ThinkorSwim. I was under the impression that the chart views were "pre-sized" only, based on using the magnifying glass. After "pulling" the bottom time-scale left and right, I realized that I could precisely fit the entire trading session of all 1-minute charts in view; meaning that I no longer have to move charts around during the day; I can simply shuffle to the chart in question and immediately see the entire trading day (market open to market close) in 1-Minute ticks... Priceless... Ironically, today was more of an exercise in observation. While I'd thought that I was at the point of "rinse and repeat", I'm reminded that I'll likely always be tweaking my strategy to push the envelope just a little further.

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