+1350 (MGM) ::: A few tweaks and realizations today. First, it's come to my attention that ETrade Pro's Bid/Ask is D-E-L-A-Y-E-D..... This was never a problem before, as I would simply use ThinkorSwim's integrated B/A on the chart. However, with WeBull FINALLY upgrading their software to access 2-minute charts, I've let go of ThinkorSwim (due to it's memory hogging) in favor of WeBull's elegant and streamlined platform. Since WeBull STILL doesn't have B/A on the chart, I'd decided that I could simply use it on ETrade Pro to make quick entry/exit decisions. This morning, however, I'd noticed that the B/A on ETrade Pro would periodically be a bit far from the last price. "Not a problem" I thought, as these slow-moving large-cap stocks can sometimes jump around a bit. Then, I'd notice it more before wondering "How is that even a thing? How is the price so far from what people are bidding and asking for? That's ridiculous." Upon checking TOS, it became clear that I could no longer rely on ETrade's Bid/Ask for real-time quotes. The interesting thing is that ETrade's "Last" price is completely accurate and on-time....???? Why then is the Bi--- whatever... I removed Bid/Ask from my Positions columns and the "Last" has served me well throughout the day. Secondly, things are moving right along for my strategy! I've altered the 2xSMA (dual sma) back to different colors; as I've realized that when one SMA is pointing downward, while the other is pointing upward (both heading towards a cross), this almost ALWAAYYS indicates either a long or short play. It only serves as an additional confirmation for my trade biases, so that I can breathe easy knowing that I'm more than likely on the right side. I'd thought of sizing a first half on the SMA break and a second half on the actual 2xSMA "X" cross, but I don't like how it compromises my average and it's often unnecessary with my tight stop (being a reversal crack of the 2xSMA or 10-cents, whichever comes first) with the fact that these slow-movers tend to follow through on my SMA setup after the crack has been initiated on the 2-minute chart. I'll keep my daily goal at $500, but as expected, the profit potential has consistently been $1000+ on even the not-so-busy days. Day at a time, day at a time. #Focus

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