Made a couple good trades this week....Made OK choices considering I am green...I suppose I will be green forever as there's stop sign for learning in the market. ZNGA - Bought this as a swing trade and made out with a tiny profit. I went into this trade because I identified a pretty clear support level at the time. I went in like .02 cents above support and I paid for it. I should have bought at 2.68..instead I bought at 2.70...Nonetheless, got out a little in the green. ECRY - Bought as day trade. I knew this stock was going to be pumped like crazy...Stock Tips is getting paid $5.5 million to promote this company. I tried to buy pre-market (around .13 at 7:00am), but ETrade does not allow you to buy pink sheet pre or post market so I missed the 100%+ increase...Fine by me...I still made profit, and I'll gladly take it. ETrade executed my BUY wrong and corrected it for me which made my day :)

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