My opinion on the best penny stock brokers - Etrade and Interactive Brokers have high account minimums and don’t accept people from certain countries so it's best to for people with smaller accounts to use Questrade, Schwab, SpeedTrader, Scottrade and Fidelity. I would highly recommend avoiding brokerages like Robinhood and Suretrader. Suretrader are based off-shore, allowing you to bypass the Pattern Day Trader rule but have recieved a lot of negative reviews from previous customers. Robinhood are free but you're at a serious disadvantage to your competition, it's like showing up to a gun fight with a knife.

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SergLND Sep 15, 17 12:00 PM

which broker do you recommend in UK ?

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[SuperAlerts] UWTI- Credit Suisse has announced the delisting and suspension of trading of the Velocity Shares 3x Inverse Crude Oil ETN (symbol DWTI) and the Velocity Shares 3x Long Crude Oil ETN (symbol UWTI) on December 8, 2016. On December 9, the ETNs will no longer be listed on any exchange but may still be available to trade in the over-the-counter market. Fidelity has identified holdings in one or more of your accounts that will be impacted by the delisting of these securities.Next StepIf you have any


[SuperAlerts] do you have any input on your analysis of $ARCW, Fidelity and many others has it very bullish rating. And this thing is tanking


Hi Orane, thank you for all your videos. I've been watching and learnin so far, have an active Fidelity account but considering thinkorswim. If you can do a video on thinkorswim chart tricks like you do for E Trade Pro, I'd appre iate it. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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