Can someone assist me with this? My trade imports from Fidelity are not working properly. When I trade a stock more than once in a day, it gets confused. It doesn't consider time of day, so when an entry/exit occurs, when it's imported out of order, a loss can seem like a win, and vice versa. It's reporting incorrect profit/loss information...including the total. Is there anything that can be done about this? Is anyone else having this problem?

Mr_Bigglesworth May 20, 20 3:35 PM

@timothysykes Hi Tim, do you have an I.T. dept.? My trades at Fidelity are no longer being imported. When I try to import, it just says "No trades to import." However, I have lots.

timothysykes May 20, 20 3:47 PM

@Mr_Bigglesworth as I've said in chat half a dozen times the past few days, verifying is down, just manually upload

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