@Jamiehoss i have accounts at Fidelity and Etrade. I trade mostly options, will be posting orders when I open/close. I was lucky to be in the market in 2013 it made everyone look like a genius. This year people are jumping out of windows...

Jamiehoss Apr 18, 14 12:04 PM

lol I know right!!! Im currently caught up pretty deep in this crap with PHOT....hoping to pull through trying to keep positive

Ju5tinR Apr 18, 14 1:53 PM

Entrara are you staying away from cheap stocks completely?

levinextreme Apr 25, 14 5:47 PM

I think PHOT will be fine. I would not panic

Jamiehoss Apr 29, 14 7:12 PM

Do you still think they will be ok bc Im still holding on for dear life.....

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