@HebrewHammer Good Morning Matt - Thanks in advance for looking to compile a L2 video very much appreciated. I have some questions for you and not sure if you can answer all but try your best and whatever you can answer will be a huge help! 1. How do you preset daily trading range, and year-to-date trading range (low, high) for stocks entered? 2. Is there a L2 service provider that offers a L2 via mobile application? If not, how can L2 be viewed on a mobile device? 3. Do many broker-dealers integrate their trading apps/execution systems on their L2, enabling execution directly from L2? 4. What are the range in monthly subscription prices to pay for L2 systems? 5. What main features distinguish one L2 offering from another? 6. What are the main limitations of a L2 from a trading perspective? 7. How do you integrate the use of charting with activity on the L2 to make sound optimum entry and exit decisions? 8. What is the relevance of the name of the Market Makers (MM) for a given stock in influencing its price on a given day? Does it matter? For example, MM Goldman Sachs. 9 . What is the importance of the "MM Activity Log" area and its influence in optimum entry and exit positions? 10. How can I use the L2 to make optimum entry and exit points in after market (AM) / pre-market (PM) trading hours? 11. How can the L2 be used to anticipate potentially large buy/sell orders within seconds? 12. How can I best use a security filter to leverage with a L2 provider?

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[TimAlerts] $GS --Goldman Sachs Group Inc has agreed to pay $5.06 billion to settle claims that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis, the U.S. Department of Justice said


[TimAlerts] $TXMD - Goldman Sachs purchased $125Million worth of stock (SEC Filed on 01/07) at an average price of $8.25. ... I predict a spike going into the open... PM ME THOUGHTS...


[TimAlerts] ugh o! SUNE SunEdison downgraded to Sell from Neutral at UBS UBS analyst Julien Dumoulin-Smith downgraded SunEdison (SUNE) to Sell after senior management replacements and board resignations at TerraForm Power (TERP). The entire SunEdison, TerraForm complex is now at risk, Dumoulin-Smith tells investors in a research note. The analyst remains "perplexed" by SunEdison's decision to pull a one-year term loan from Goldman Sachs at a 15% rate in August to fund itself. He sees downside risk to guid

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