Long on ARDX In higher then I wanted.. at 1.92 because I forgot that Interactive Brokers (UK) are 15 min in delay.. (Wanted to get in at 1.71. But hopefully this will continue to run up to July levels of around 8.. Good news and volume..

BrotherTressy Dec 03, 21 3:09 PM

does not look good so far.. down 12% with 50 min left before weekend. It is starting to go up again, and I believe it will gap up on monday.. But I am probably just hoping and holding as a noob..:-)

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Hi Tim, I love your work and am studying by butt off! I've just joint Interactive Brokers with a small account ($1500) however they say I cannot trade US Penny Stocks unless I have over $20,000 in the account. Is this the case with all brokers?

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Hi there, I'm new in here. I'm located in Australia. I'm still in the process of getting my brokerage account with Interactive Brokers set ups and funded. I look forward to a patient journey along the road to being a successful day trader. So lots of study to do

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Hi can you tell me which broker you use, I'm using Interactive Brokers at the moment but their not compatible with platform so I cant upload my trades.x

Daytrader5977 Jul 16, 21 6:42 AM

I'm using them as well and have had to upload them manually

Cashkid Jul 16, 21 6:56 AM

It’s a bit of a pain having to upload manually isn’t it ?

Mauro Jul 16, 21 8:04 AM

I also use Interactive brokers and have to upload mine manually unfortunately

Daytrader5977 Jul 20, 21 3:25 AM

Ive just made it part of my daily routine to input them at the close of each day, then its done

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Hi, Can anyone help me? I live in the UK, I've been trying to set up an account with Interactive Brokers for about three weeks now set up a £10,000 acount, answered loads of questions but they still won't let me trade. Can anyone recomend a good UK or accessable from the UK broker I could use please? I have am using StocksToTrade.

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ETrickett8 Jan 04, 21 6:56 PM

@SaJa hey I am from the Uk also. Did you solve your issue? Worried I will have the same issue....

SaJa Jan 05, 21 3:48 AM

@ETrickett8 yes, there are certain criteria you have to meet when filling out the application. Two years plus trading experience stuff like that. The have live assistance which is a great help. Good luck.

ETrickett8 Jan 05, 21 4:51 AM

What if you don’t have 2 years? Do you need proof?

SaJa Jan 13, 21 6:32 AM

No you just have to "satisfy" them that you have. When you're filling out the form just tell them what they want/need to hear.

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Tried to connect my Interactive Brokers account to verify all my trades but says it doesn't support IBKR. I tried submitting login credentials as the instructions said and I got an error. My first trades since signing up have screen shots, but it was just getting so tedious doing that for every trade so I gave it up. So, basically this is my disclaimer that all of my trades are legit and accurate, as you may believe looking at my stats haha! But this journey on began in September 2020 and tons of studying is beginning to halp my consistency and knowledge. Good luck trading to everyone, I hope to start chatting with the community more, connect, learn, laugh! Cheers!

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Tim, I earned 17.6% in 13 minutes on WIMI just before close. Thanks for the tip! I was not able to get in on GAXY because Merrill has that on a restricted list. I'm not real happy with them and am thinking of switching to Interactive Brokers. Comments?

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Accountability post 04/13/2020-04/28/2020 I watched and took notes on all 13 Challenge Orientation Videos in the student portal. I watched and took notes on 3 of the DVD's on "Penny Stocking Part Deux," "Penny Stocking Framework Part Deux," and "Spikability." I signed up for E*Trade, Interactive Brokers, and TDAmeritrade (to get access to Think or Swim paper trading). I already had a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, but I only have used that account for traveling since they don't charge ATM or foreign transaction fees on a high yeild investor checking account. I have never traded before. I will probably use E*Trade, and I have already moved my trading money into that account even though I don't plan on trading for real for at least a month. I signed up for the Stocks to Trade trial a few days ago, and I went through all of Tim Bohen's Getting Started lessons in STT University. I really like this stock scanner, but I am hesitant to subscribe. The fee is daunting to me since my only income at the moment is coming from unemployment. That might be something I can get when I start profiting. Meanwhile I'll have to learn a more affordable platform. I watched all three live webinars last week (Tim Lento, Tim Sykes, and Mark Croock). I watched Tim Lento's live webinar today, and I plan on catching Tim Grittani's webinar later this afternoon. I have reminders set for the webinars scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday as well. This week I have made it a point to open chat at market open, and I have been following the other traders in the room as they discuss their trades. I have been paper trading some of these trades to learn the mechanics. I have been making a lot of mistakes, but I'm learning from them and it's not a disaster since I'm trading with fake money. I've played with E*Trade, Think or Swim, and Stocks to Trade. Stocks to Trade has been the easiest one for me figure out, probably because of the tutorial I watched. I have been living and breathing the material these past two weeks, but I know I am only scratching the surface of things that I need to know to succeed at this endeavor. I understand the basics of trading and the stock market, but there is definitely a lot of room to build on top of that knowledge. I'm looking forward to the journey!

techangel21 Mar 12, 21 2:58 AM

thanks so much ! been busy and tired but this saved me so much time! good luck with your trades...

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The secret is in shorting. Just evaluate dux's past trades and you'll see it for yourself. Other than that it's simple resistance and momentum trading. The hardest part is finding a broker that has shares to short on the daily running stock that's up 100%. @dux where do you find most of your shares to short? I'm using Interactive Brokers and they never have shorts available on the daily running penny stock.

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Dzrock9 Jul 29, 19 6:59 PM

Its not all about shorting. Its just what dux is most comfortable with

Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 2:12 AM

I want to learn to make money

redcandles Feb 24, 21 12:19 AM

@SlavicV Every trader is different. Dux has literally made 30K net going long and 9.67M short

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