@MichaelGoode Hey again Michael, just a quick question, is it a good idea to use Interactive Brokers to trade stocks under a dollar? They charge a per share fee for Canadians ( CAD 0.01 per share, Minimum order $1) and I was thinking if I was to trade tens of thousand to hundreds of thousand of shares of an OTC/NASDAQ stock would the commission fees take most of my profits? I'm kind of confused here whether I should find a broker that charges a flat fee for low priced stocks or just use IB. Thanks!

MichaelGoode Jan 19, 18 10:37 AM

I use IB for low-priced stocks because most of the time I am shorting them and no brokers that have flat fee commissions will let me short stocks under a dollar but it is true that taking decent position sizes on cheap stocks will result in large commissions at IB. At least for US clients the max commission is 1% of trade value. If you do trade a lot of lower-priced stocks I recommend getting another broker for buying the cheap stocks

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