Uptic Downtic Morning Panic Morning Spike Sideways Price Action Mid-Day Perk Perking Up Afternoon Ramp Consolidation Supernova/Parabolic Uptrending Downtrending Stock Halt Price Imbalance Intraday/Overnight positions Gap Up Gap Down NYSE/AMEX NASDAQ Pink Sheets Grey Sheets OTC ADRs (American Depository Receipts) Biotech Sectors Industrial/Manufacturing Sector Technology Sector Energy Sector Financial/Real Estate Sector Medical Sector Emerging Markets Gold/Silver/Commodities Sector GTC (Good Til Cancel Order) Day Order Premarket Order Afterhours Order PDT Rule (Pattern Day Trade Rule) VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) RSI (Relative Strength Indicator NHOD (New high of the day) NLOD (New low of the day) EOD (End of day) A/H (After hours) E/R (Earnings Report) 52 week high 52 week low TOS (Think or swim) TD (Td Ameritrade) ET (E*Trade) IB (Interactive Brokers) MMID (Market Maker STT (Stocks to Trade) First Green Day First Red Day Penny Stock Promoter Wolf of Wall Street/Boiler Room Pump-looking Chart Paid Pump Uncompensated Pump R/R (Risk/reward) L/F low float stock P/H (power hour) Green on the day (stock went positive on the day) Red on the day (stock went negative on the day) G/R (green to red on the day) R/G (red to green on the day)

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