Hi! I saw your question in the chatroom about CMEG. I've been using them since last August. Here's my review: Takes a little longer than a week to get setup with them. They are state certified in Trinidad and considered a partner of Interactive Brokers. They abide by NASDAQ rules and are in my opinion doing everything right. They have two platforms. I use DAS Pro Trader. It's more versatile than Trade Station. They are dirt cheap when it comes to commissions. $5.90 for a complete trade plus ECN fees of a few pennies. Trades are instantaneous. Customer Service used to be spot on. I mean I could call or text and get an immediate response. That now lags to more than a day. This is because they've grown exponentially. Of course, if you need trade help, the desk will pick up on first ring. You do have unlimited trades (No PDT rule) and they offer staggered margins up to 6:1. Use of margin trading is up to you. Just remember it's risky. The downside is they only accept wires for funding. That means your first couple of funding wires will take 2-3 business days before your account reflects it. Once you build history with them (no margin calls, pay your fees, etc.) they will auto-credit your account within an hour of you notifying them of the wire with proof. Send them a copy of the wire receipt for instance. Bottom-line is I use them every day and have no troubles. Not to mention, the Turks and Caicos make a great destination to check on your trading activities.

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