Got in OTLK on the next level up from my ideal entry at 2.50, but got shaken out for a break-even. Honestly, I don't like how far it is off of the HOD. 2.50 was the only comfortable level I saw, but it bounced legitimately from 2.60, so I got in once it broke minor resistance at 2.70 (to use that as support). It's now consolidating at the same level, but my issue with this setup is that there's way too many consolidated resistance levels that it's created on the dips after the open. That's why it's predictably having so much trouble bouncing back; but on the good side, I am getting super comfortable with ThinkorSwim =) ... Building and saving orders, editing saved orders, submitting them, confirming fills, seeing P/L in real-time and exiting trades; all feels REALLY good. Two more practice trades here and then I'll be getting cozy with Trader Workstation at Interactive Brokers. --- 10:23AM: It's failing that bounce now. Good call to exit quickly =) ... There's just too much resistance. Even if it breaks out, I don't have faith that it won't fail. I'm scrapping this one. Better to save the day trades for cleaner charts only.

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