I've been averaging trading only three days per week for a month or so (given my schedule and quite simply there not being perfect setups every single day). This seems to confirm that six day trades should be enough, even for *potentially* sizing-in (blegh). Interactive Brokers seems cool and there are certain aspects that I've come to like in my limited time using Trader Workstation; but ThinkorSwim has grown on me and I am IN LOVE with ETrade Pro... I'll stick to just two accounts and after getting over PDT, I will GLADLY combine everything under ETrade =) =) =) --- Round of applause for StocksToTrade, as it hasn't crashed in nearly two months (it definitely crashed multiple times per day before that). Could be the updates, but I largely suspect that it just isn't ready for broker integration. As soon as I removed my brokerage accounts (and you have to click remove AGAIN after they disappear to remove them from the background), it began to move at lightning speed, with not even one error message, started loading much faster and yeah; it's not crashed even once. So I'm pleased =) ... My trading tools are fitting like a glove!!!

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