Hello. I became a Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge student on March 30th, 2015. I started my account with $2,380 using TD Ameritrade's Trade Architect platform. I haven't heard of anyone using it but I find the fills are fast and the GUI on both desktop and mobile is hands down the best I've seen. I only buy long with this account. I have no experience with shorting. I plan to start an additional account with my first $2,000 in profits using SureTrader, Interactive Brokers or E*Trade after studying and gaining a solid understanding of Tim's shorting strategy. My goal is to be in a position to do that within 60-90 days from starting the challenge. I'm considering that phase two of my penny stock trading education. Phase one is and will continue to be getting organized and set up to trade efficiently and effectively as well as read/watch/learn as much as I possibly can. My DVD's are scheduled for delivery today. I feel like the content made available online alone will take a lifetime to get through and it's continually growing on a daily/weekly basis between all the webinars, realtime alerts, blog posts, commentary and whatever else Tim plans to create and share. I also plan to actively buy pumps during phase one to start generating a little profit so I can open my second account for shorting and to master analyzing price action for optimal entry and exit points. Outside of trading I am a recording artist, record producer, web designer and entrepreneur. I love beer, bars, gastro pubs, upscale restaurants/lounges/rooftop pools, traveling, concerts, music, design, my friends, my girl, my job and my little MINI Cooper S. I want my next car to be an Aston Martin. I have lived in New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Japan. Today I live in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, CA and work full-time as a web designer for tollfreeforwarding.com. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter. http://linkedin.com/in/lesfrancoeur | http://twitter.com/lesfrancoeur

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Jules Jun 21, 15 9:09 AM

Hi Les, saw you were a challenge student of Tim's. I have not gone that route as yet but am a Silver prescriber and get webinars and alerts daily. I've been doing OK in my trades. New at it and would have been ahead if not for this one trade which was a killer. Can you please share with me how the challenge was and the amount of time it took daily as I'm off of work now but go back in two weeks and determining if it will work. Anything else you can share please do !!! Thanks Jules My email

LesterFrancoeur Jun 21, 15 1:21 PM

Hi Jules. As you know, Tim's the best. Totally genuine guy that just wants to help people make money the way he did. There's not a lot of hand-holding when signing up for the challenge but the access to information he provides is invaluable. It's $5,500 for tuition into the Millionaire challenge and with that you get all his DVD's and direct access to Tim and Michael Goode. Worth every nickel. I had to stop due to personal projects I'm working on and need to focus my energy on right now. If you'

LesterFrancoeur Jun 21, 15 1:24 PM

I was saying if you're interested, I would be willing to give you everything I received in the challenge for 50% off. It would be everything you'd get by signing up for the challenge for half the cost. Worth every nickel. Contact me at lesfrancoeur@gmail.com if interested.

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IB.... You can open an account, however you can only open a cash account. At this time Interactive Brokers is not able to offer margin account to resident of Australia, which is required to be able to short stocks. This is due to regulatory restrictions. Interactive Brokers is working on being able to once again offer margin account to residence of Australia. At this time I don't have an announced time as to when margin accounts will be available to residence of Australia. Regards Brian B

RunnerRunner83 Feb 02, 15 9:42 PM

try suretrader, they are based in Bahamas and I guess they won't have as many regulations, however their order executions are not fast. TD Ameritrade is another one, I see OptionHouse, MB Trade have been top in reviews alongside IB and ETRADE.

MarkAus Feb 14, 15 9:22 PM

Be aware websites rating brokers shouldn't be taken too seriously. If you're not American and\or after a margin account then chances are you're going to have a tough time. Research their rules on international clients and having a margin (Tmargin) account if you wish to short.

MarkAus Feb 14, 15 9:24 PM

If Speed\Suretrader pack their bags you will lose everything as there is no protection. This go's for Americans as well. If you use them keep a relative amount of minimum cash with them.

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My Account Growth Strategy: Lowering % Risk As I Increase $ Positions When account is @ $2000; use 75% ($1500) per play When account is @ $3000; use 66% ($2000) per play When account is @ $4000; use 50% ($2000) per play When account is @ $5000; use 50% ($2500) per play @ $6000; use 45% ($2700) @ $7000; use 40% ($2800) @ $8000; use 40% ($3200) @ $9000; use 40% ($3600) @ $10,000; use 39% ($3900) ...and so forth This is how I will exponentially grow my SureTrader account in the coming weeks/months until I open up Interactive Brokers, and eventually the high net worth broker I keep hearing about. I want to get my total percentage risk down to 20-25%

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Sooth_Sayer Feb 04, 15 9:32 PM

@silentWolf That is correct. I don't mention their name at Tim's request as to not overwhelm them with business like he did with SureTrader which ultimately led to poor customer service.

silentWolf Feb 04, 15 9:47 PM

@Sooth_Sayer Didn't know about that my bad. I would advise you to stop using SureTrader as soon as you can. They are just plain terrible. IB is the way to go.

Sooth_Sayer Feb 04, 15 10:48 PM

@silentWolf They've improved over the last few months, but I hate to admit that I've had my fair share of crappy situations with SureTrader. I find that patience and persistence are qualities you absolutely must have to survive as an ST customer. I'll use both simultaneously as soon as I get IB's account minimum.

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