The secret is in shorting. Just evaluate dux's past trades and you'll see it for yourself. Other than that it's simple resistance and momentum trading. The hardest part is finding a broker that has shares to short on the daily running stock that's up 100%. @dux where do you find most of your shares to short? I'm using Interactive Brokers and they never have shorts available on the daily running penny stock.

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Dzrock9 Jul 29, 19 6:59 PM

Its not all about shorting. Its just what dux is most comfortable with

Bobbemornee Nov 23, 19 2:12 AM

I want to learn to make money

redcandles Feb 24, 21 12:19 AM

@SlavicV Every trader is different. Dux has literally made 30K net going long and 9.67M short

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Hi! I saw your question in the chatroom about CMEG. I've been using them since last August. Here's my review: Takes a little longer than a week to get setup with them. They are state certified in Trinidad and considered a partner of Interactive Brokers. They abide by NASDAQ rules and are in my opinion doing everything right. They have two platforms. I use DAS Pro Trader. It's more versatile than Trade Station. They are dirt cheap when it comes to commissions. $5.90 for a complete trade plus ECN fees of a few pennies. Trades are instantaneous. Customer Service used to be spot on. I mean I could call or text and get an immediate response. That now lags to more than a day. This is because they've grown exponentially. Of course, if you need trade help, the desk will pick up on first ring. You do have unlimited trades (No PDT rule) and they offer staggered margins up to 6:1. Use of margin trading is up to you. Just remember it's risky. The downside is they only accept wires for funding. That means your first couple of funding wires will take 2-3 business days before your account reflects it. Once you build history with them (no margin calls, pay your fees, etc.) they will auto-credit your account within an hour of you notifying them of the wire with proof. Send them a copy of the wire receipt for instance. Bottom-line is I use them every day and have no troubles. Not to mention, the Turks and Caicos make a great destination to check on your trading activities.

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The Interactive Brokers is not supported to verify trades any more on the website and Its been over 5 months this issue has been remaining. So i decided to upload all my trades on

tommyvercetti55 Mar 05, 19 2:41 AM

Good idea,profitly doesn't wanna fix this issue.

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@MichaelGoode Hi Michael. You mention on your blog that you do not use TWS anymore, but you are still using Interactive Brokers. I was just wondering if you are using DAS connected with IB or a different broker for the charts and L2 but use IB to execute orders. Thank you.

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MichaelGoode Sep 26, 18 9:58 AM

I don't know where I would have said that -- I still use TWS. I do use DAS Pro with Centerpoint for level 2 and charts

tommyvercetti55 Sep 26, 18 3:04 PM

Oh sorry, I didn't read that carefully. You replied to someone on your blog that you still use TWS but not time and sales and L2. Do you think DAS level 2 and time and sales is more accurate than IB's?

MichaelGoode Sep 27, 18 9:44 AM

TWS L2 & time and sales is just as good but I have always considered TWS charts ugly. I have used them in the past but I just find it easier to use DAS Pro and I have to pay for those charts / L2 anyway whereas I don't have to pay for the IB L2 if I don't want it

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@Torkers Interactive Brokers are pretty cheap in the industry in general. Maybe someone is cheaper. I would suggest you dedicate a couple of hours work, creating a spreadsheet, with all the price variables, and compare different brokers. There are many fees to consider, so getting a overwiew in a spreadsheet is a great way. Also have in mind (if you prepare to make shortselling) that IB have way better borrows, than Thinkorswim. IB - TSW platform, also comes free. It can really pay to choose the right broker from start, so do the digging. - Link:

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@MichaelGoode Hey again Michael, just a quick question, is it a good idea to use Interactive Brokers to trade stocks under a dollar? They charge a per share fee for Canadians ( CAD 0.01 per share, Minimum order $1) and I was thinking if I was to trade tens of thousand to hundreds of thousand of shares of an OTC/NASDAQ stock would the commission fees take most of my profits? I'm kind of confused here whether I should find a broker that charges a flat fee for low priced stocks or just use IB. Thanks!

MichaelGoode Jan 19, 18 9:37 AM

I use IB for low-priced stocks because most of the time I am shorting them and no brokers that have flat fee commissions will let me short stocks under a dollar but it is true that taking decent position sizes on cheap stocks will result in large commissions at IB. At least for US clients the max commission is 1% of trade value. If you do trade a lot of lower-priced stocks I recommend getting another broker for buying the cheap stocks

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After 1 month of paper trading, I finally setup my account with Interactive Brokers Canada. Funds will be available for trading on September 26th. Really excited for it. Until then, study study and study more !

bahamastrader123 Dec 20, 17 6:38 PM

why did you do paper trading and not just go straight into interactive brokers

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