Created my own Watchlist just for fun and went to bed at 9pm. Got online 1:30am only to find trading now starts at 12:00am. Hmm. Missed a few opportunities and only had an hour before I had to go back to bed. Checked Watchlist today and fair enough more opportunities slipped by. No surprise. Overall I did ok with the list and learned a lot. Unfortunately I need more time. Fun!! Plus using OptionsXpress is a big learning curve.

MarkAus Mar 31, 15 4:26 AM

I think Prestomango is talking about 2nd Level. Watching multiple Asks\Buys on the fly. Darn good question and I can't find it. With other brokers you have to pay for it. I hope its another windw I can move to my other monitor.

Prestoman Apr 17, 15 12:38 AM

so you use yahoo as a your primary market scanner then? my 2nd level isnt authorised yet coz apparently im a "professional trader" aha hopefully will get it changed and unlocked soon

MarkAus Apr 17, 15 9:14 AM

I have a blog on opening 2nd level. Its not as big as other brokers though and not 100% how to use it effectively.

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