Practicing my movement plays on CBAY and MARK today. Ended green, but need to figure out a better process for order entry/exit in my broker interface (Questrade). Had a loss when I couldn't make edits fast enough.

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This is my Questrade account funded with $3,000 CAD and linked to for 100% verified and transparent trades. Focus is on CAD and US Penny Stocks as a Tim Sykes Challenge student.

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Questrade is one of the best Canadian broker. For those who want to create an account with Questrade : A margin account allows you to buy all U.S and Canadian stocks (including PINK sheet). A TFSA account will help you save on your taxes, but limits you to NYSE, NASDAQ and TSX. My referal code is : 726326357418342 With Questrade: Real-time data level 1 is 20$/month Transaction fee is 4.95$ per trade up to 495 shares and then charges you 0.01$ per share until you reach 995 shares. Real-time data level 2 is 89.95$/month Transaction fee is always 4.95$ per trade. Thank you.

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