[TimAlerts] Made a premarket order of $TSRI at 8:58am. I put my limit at 5.50 but it automatically got filled at 5.98 with a 6.68 limit at 6000 shares. Never had this happened before. I sold 1000 shares at 5.99, kept the rest in case it pops, went downhill too quickly to cut my losses, and sold in the 4.70, later noticed Tim sold it too. Minutes later it goes back up to 5.70s! Lost $2242. Lesson: Watch out for weird Premarket orders glitches on Questrade.com and cancel order ASAP

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@AirplaneJane Hello Jane, I live in canada and started with Questrade($2000) about 6 weeks ago and now down to $900. Not sure if i chose the right broker but ill admit that I am a newbie and have not purchased tims dvds yet but i will asap

TheStudent Jun 30, 16 2:15 PM

The questrade charge $5 per trade flat fee when you chose. Get the knowledge first. Market is always there.

shadow0966 Jul 03, 16 2:25 PM

@AirplaneJane i'll admit , I was not paying attention to news and had a reverse split bite me in the a$$ XGTI 1900 shares down to 584 and it went on a down trend . My stupidity gave me a hard lesson to Pay Attention !

shadow0966 Jul 03, 16 2:27 PM

@TheStudent Before I chose this broker i tried lookin around and Questrade seem to be the cheapest , was i misssing something ?

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[TimAlerts] in $GEVO yesterday eod at the dip when it held , considered the catalyst too...textbook. Sold half the position at 0.73 :( and out the rest at 1.29 this morning. (Although wanted to sell at 1.90 but could not with Questrade. All in all made over $500 on a $900 account


Go go go $CCXI , for once that there were shares to short at Questrade. Yes, 'shares to short at Questrade', sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? And the shares were available from the web interface too. I didn't have to wake up super early to call their trading desk this time (trading desk which usually fails to find anything even for a whole trading day).

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