@SeanLacap Greetings, I'm from Toronto and I noticed that you use Questrade. I'm thinking of opening an account with them, I just wanna hear your thoughts about Questrade, How much are you paying in fees and market data package? Is it better than bank owned brokerage stocks? Cheers!

SeanLacap Dec 20, 17 1:23 AM

I don't really like Questrade for anything other than long-term buy and hold investing. Their platform is nice, and their fee structure is great, 4.95 flat per buy and per sell. And the data package is like 90 dollars a month, but either partially or fully rebatable if you incur enough commissions in the month to offset that. But aside from long term buy and hold investing, I can't recommend it for day trading. Right now, I'm just trading long side, so Questrade is great, but shorting with Quest

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