I started trading with RobinHood starting back in November 2017 with no knowledge or any experience at ALL!!!!, In anticipation of the weed stock boom to come in 2018. Just wanted to basically get rich quick. I realized a lot of them were OTC stocks and pennystocks (most not on RobinHood). Heard about Timothy Sykes and decided to join his pennystocking silver plan. I barely studied, and never followed the rules. I tired just buying the stocks on his watchlists, then just buying some of the stocks that other traders talked about, and also chasing stocks. For some reason I tried options trading, probably because it was something new on Robinhood at the time. And I did great on my first options trade, but after that I got to greedy (plus, i didn't understand what the hell I was doing) and lost huge. Slowly but surely I started studying but not enough. Every stock I used to choose to go up always came down!! so I learned about short selling. RobinHood doesn’t have short selling but they had options trading for puts and calls. I was good at options, but I could never exit in time for profits. I was everywhere with my trading last year. I literally lost $2900. May sound small to some people but that was HUGE!!! for me. SO I stopped trading completely for a while, and just started saving my money. Heard about the Millionaire Master Program and spent all my saved money on it. I watched Spikeability so much but I just could never get in to a trade at the right time. Every time Id get in, it would go down. Now I believe I have found my niche. SHORT SELLING. I’ve been studying my ass off. For the Record I still LOVE ROBINHOOD!!!!!! I’ve learned a lot with them, and I am Humbled to have learned with real money to trade commission free!!.. I was hoping Short selling and level 2 along with UP TO DATE news was in the future ( and it probably is) but its taking to long for me. I signed up for an account with TD Ameritrade. Never traded because I was scared, Still stuck with robinhood, Studied Hard. Worked Hard. Found out I needed a minimum 2000 for a margin account to short sell. I took Money out of my 401K ( I don’t advise this) and Put 2200 into my account. So that is my story. I call myself DTheSavage because no one is as much of a savage as I am to be a successful Pennystock trader out here in OAKLAND, CA. I have nothing to lose, so I have to master this. Small account, lost 2900 last year, took money out my 401k, spent my savings on millionaire masters program.. I've sacrificed a lot so 2019 and beyond will be my years. (PIC: my RobinHood account money chart but its coming back up tho)

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