I am new to trading. I am computer illiterate. I am having trouble getting my account loaded so all my trades can be seen. I have 2 account's. Robinhood and Webull. Needless to say after learning things I am embarrassed that I use Robinhood at all but didn't know where to start or anything really except how to research compaines. After a $680 day of losses and not understanding basic entry, extist etc. I started watching and reading all of Tims stuff. So i am posting a Screenshot of my trades from Webull and trying to figure out how to get Robinhood connected. I wanted some how post something so people know I am not making up trades.

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Hello Atiqe you also inspire me which such trade winning percentage. I have a question for you I noticed you used Robinhood in the beginning of your trading career and your trades are verified by Robinhood, did you have the gold account is that why it let you upload your trades, cause I used Robinhood but I am not able to upload my trades into profitly and I am curious how you did it. Any advice from you I will greatly appreciated thanks.

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Brand New to profitly and trading! My husband does it so its going to turn into competition I'm sure lol. We are not going off who can make most money, just who can be better! I have Robinhood because im only dabbling with a whole $10 dollars or so. Would like to beat my husband off percentage and # of wins vs. losses!

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I wanted to take a minute to share a lesson I learned after my transition from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade! I need my total commission, (assuming i have one entry and one exit on every position, this totals $13.90) to be 1-2% of every position I take. Here is why, if my total commission is anything more then 2% of my total position my personal RMS tells me I have to have my mental stop loss at my initial entry price and i would be down 2% on overall position. Here is the my spreadsheet between my March trades after making the transition to TD,(side note... who is a great broker). As you will notice via my spreadsheet screenshot even in instances i was profiting 5-10% on my trades i was still ultimately losing money on my positions. My theory to stop from losing money and to consistently make money is this, my position must be $700 position, my mental stop loss will be at 1% of my intial entry. My total loss on anything if i do exit at 1% will be a overall 3% loss since my trading commision is 2% of my total position. I will be testing this theory over the next two weeks with papert trading before risking my real money on this theory. I will be focusing on these main points while paper trading. Cut my average loss to 3%, focusing on stocks between $1.50-5 as that is the niche i like, and mainly using Moving average exponential 5 day and 20 day with closing periods as my indicators. I will post my results after here on my page!

dmead21 May 06, 8:05 PM

Get rid of TD Ameritrade and go to Interactive Brokers. Instead of paying $13.90 youre paying $2-$4 for an in AND out.

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Just spent 2 hours responding to hundreds of DMs/emails, please retweet this the amount of horror stories I'm hearing about Robinhood is INSANER...they scheme their way to saving poor people a little $ then cost them hundreds of thousands in bad executions and missed opportunity because they don't even show 1/2 the hottest stocks moving every day lol aye aye aye aye, please, please, please use

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