I am a college student just trying to get a fell for the trading world. I only have $150 in a Robinhood brokerage account. I'm at a disadvantage, I can not short sell with my current account. I know that with penny stocks when it goes up (spikes) then there is a high percentage of it going down. I would love to short sell these stocks but all I can do is buy when there is a spike. With my most recent trades I have been buying stocks right when they start to plummet back to their opening market price. I would short sell most of the stocks that spike to make a good profit but most margin accounts require a minimum deposit that I don't have right now. Until then I'm studying "Penny Stocks 101" by Timothy Sykes and learning all the terms and all of his strategies. I hope to keep learning from my mistakes and become a wiser trader along the years. - Kevin Hayman II

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One reason I think Robinhood is a terrible broker is you can't short sell nor can you trade premarket/afterhours, just a marketing scheme to make you think saving $5-10 commissions matters....newsflash: it doesn't

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