@MichaelGoode Do I need a street-smart account in Charles Schwabb to short sell? Or can I just use my traditional Scottrade and td ameritrade accounts?

EvanCallert Nov 09, 17 3:09 PM

I am going to join the challenge very soon but just want to make sure myt money is right before i do, as welkl as have all my accounts and everything situated. That being said, I already have an Etrade account, however, not pro yet because of the cost i want to make sure im 100% ready before i dive in. Furthermore, i want to open one more account, do you think i should go with Charles Schwabb Streetsmart, Cobra Trading, or TD ameritrade thinkorswim; or if you have a better suggestion it would re

EvanCallert Nov 09, 17 6:50 PM

When you say Etrade, Do you mean Etrade PRO?

MichaelGoode Nov 10, 17 1:40 PM

Cobra is good. Interactive Brokers if you have $10k is good. Venom Trading (which is through Cobra / IB) is good if you don't have $10k. With Etrade obviously their pro platform is good but pricey and their normal trading interface is horrible. Actually Cobra/Venom is probably better.

EvanCallert Nov 10, 17 5:28 PM

I went with streetsmart edge and will open an ETrade Pro account later

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