Accountability post 01/04/2021-01-17-2021 I watched all of the live webinars and video lessons emailed to me over the past 2 weeks. I also watched the videos sent by my mentor, and I watched and participated in the webinar he held last week. I have been in communication with my mentor, and I have been sending him watchlists almost every night. I only missed one day over the last two weeks. I have found a pattern that I am comfortable trading, and I can easily spot it setting up. I started to trade a couple of tickers off my watchlists to gain experience trading the strategy, but I haven't had much luck yet. I am going through a losing streak, but since I am cutting losses quickly and betting small, I am only suffering from a small bleed. I will continue to trade ultra conservatively until I can break the losing streak and gain consistency on winning trades. I am still listening to "The New Market Wizards" audiobook by Jack Schwager. I am almost finished with it, and I have learned a lot about trader psychology from this book. The psychology of trading has been a big hurdle for me, and this book has been a big help. I am still reading "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Edwin Lefevre. I am not very far into the book. It has been hard for me to read lately, because I have been distracted by events in my life. There are still a lot of uncertainties about my future, and the bad news just keeps rolling on in during the new year. I am hoping for more stability in my life so I can relax. I am suspicious that this might be part of the cause of my losing streak too. I watched a marketing webinar for Stefanie Kammerman's trading service. Her strategy is using dark pool data as an indicator. I have been playing around with Schwab's block trade indicator in their trading platform, Street Smart Edge, looking at huge trades that go through. It is interesting. I received her book and DVD the other day, and I am looking forward to reading/watching them. I don't plan on buying into her service right now. I am focusing on the Millionaire Challenge, and mastering that strategy first. I have been concentrating on being professional, and I have been a stickler for my trading schedule. I treat this pursuit like I am working, and I am up and prepared for the market every morning. I watch the markets all day with breaks during midday trading. I do my watchlist before bed, and I reassess it in the morning p/m, formulating a plan or two. I am very comfortable with this schedule, and I already feel like I am doing this for a living, but the only difference is that I am not making money. Not yet anyway!

LibertyBelle Mar 10, 21 12:27 AM

ask questions, and he holds a zoom meeting for his students periodically where he gives lessons and discusses trades.

DrNate Mar 10, 21 8:29 AM

@LibertyBelle Thanks for your response. I'll check out the stock whisperer. This mentor is part of your subscription to the million mentor club or a separate service?

LibertyBelle Mar 10, 21 9:28 AM

@gr8eyedoc Stefanie Kammerman has her own service and is not part of the Challenge. I was researching female traders when I found her. She has a book and lots of free info out there. I recommend reading her book. and watching the free webinars if you want to learn about the dark pools. At the moment, I only subscribe to her whisper alerts app.

RichardKnox Dec 27, 21 2:53 AM

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