Hey dude, I'm grinding through the video lessons and I see you in the comments. Keep it up and good luck. I'm not an expert, just now am I starting to make back losses but the screenshots are nice, I try doing this too. From looking perhaps try buying the initial all day high breakout at the level and risk off the same level to prevent large % losses. Don't buy a stock at its highs or uptrending and think it will keep going up for whatever reason, I would get burned every time doing this too. If you are considering a dip buy, perhaps wait for 1-2 green candles to show it might actually uptrend more. You make less because you might have to wait for confirmed price action, but it increases the odds. Last thing dude, I have been very happy using Schwab and switched here from TD. No commissions buying OTCs with Schwab although I think they do charge foreign stock commissions too.

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