*Month Recap: Another milestone in the books! I’m officially over PDT! The month started out pretty well then took a sharp decline due to unforeseen circumstances (Wifi down), which, from what it sounded like, came at a good time as the market screamed to the downside from worries on the new Covid variant. Momentum, volatility, and volume have all been super low or even non existent it seems in OTCs. Another big thing to note for my future trading would be that I’ll be switching brokers from Schwab to Fidelity as Schwab will now charge $6.95 per OTC transaction. In light of this I will also be switching from a cash account to a margin account, due to PDT now realized. Month ended pretty well despite only having 3 trading days the last week and a half. Gain loss analyzer shows I’m still trading in my sweet spot. I’ll be really missing this for future recaps and personal accountability. I’m posting my YTD chart via Schwab as I’ll be no longer using its features. Still on the sidelines for now, waiting for my transfer to Fidelity to go live, which will hopefully be a good decision. Next milestone for me is 50K. LET’S GO!!!

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