@GodfreyS just became a fully transparent trader today! Started to dive deep into penny stocks December 2019, when I found Tim Sykes from Steven Dux youtube. Since then Ive watched all of Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Steven Dux, Roland Wolf, Mike Huddie, Kyle Williamis youtube videos. The Stock to Trade youtube series "TWIST' This Week In Steady Trade is very good. I've read Sykes book American Hedge Fund I also read The Complete Penny Stock Course (6/10/2020) and a lot of his blog post on his website. I bought and watched multiple time when I first got them How to make Million (3/6/2020) Trader Checklist part Deux and PennyStocking Framework Part Deux (4/19/2020) I started tracking and posting on Profitly June 25th, 2020. Started trading with my money end of January 2020. These are dates of how much I added to which accounts. Etrade Margin 1.16.2020-$500 4.14 - $500 4.27 - $500 5.07 - $500 5.21 - $500 Charles Schwab Margin 5.5.2020 - $500 7.14 - $500 Wells Fargo Margin 7.1.2020 - $200 TDAmeritrade Cash 7.21.2020 - $500

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Again held too long today. Keep making same mistakes. Out for a 36 dollar loss. WWR. Had god news, spiked to 9 dollars a little while back. Downtrending chart though. Was all over Twitter but everyone disappeared after it sank. Held too long, hoping it would rebound. Should have sold for a sub 10 dollar loss but held too long. Broke the fucking rules again. Cut losses quickly. Having trouble because when I cut losses sometimes the stocks rips up. Hard to tell, experimenting with think or swim level 2, will utilize this platform more so. Firsttrade is too limited and I'm not liking it. Hope if it merges with Schwab it won't be a disaster with the platform.

trader1701 Nov 21, 19 10:59 AM

Small rebound with WWR. Should I have held after the crack? Usually when there is a big crack, there is a small rebound. But the amount that I could make back might have not been worth it.

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Hi Tim , this is Harry Kafetzidis based in London. I took over your challenge in August this year. I have been watching your videos, and reading Alluch's book. I started from zero. It is a lot to catch up with , however slowly slowly I am getting there. Even still early days however I believe I have to start involving with an appropriate software Could you be able to arrange a special deal for me as I guess it will take me a number of months to be able to get on with it and start real trading? also a year ago I opened a very small investor account with schwab I haven't done much with it but I still have the account I notice you do recommend interactive brokers for non USA citizens Do you think at the beginning Schwab can work or not ? kind regards Look forward to your message Harry

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@timothysykes I'm a new student on this profit.ly and listened to one of your videos regarding brokers & y not to Robinhood happened. yesterday $HMNY public offering screwed my positions and I could sell off AH to cut my losses early. eventually ended with $263 loss. paying commission on Schwab is much better than this nightmare. Thanks for the chat room tips. I

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FJohnson Feb 16, 18 12:53 AM

what is the bestthe best penny stock broker I can use if you are in Australia please.

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@dux ... I want to pre-order your DVD but I need your quick advise. I am Bahamian live in the Bahamas, I couldn't sign up for interactive brokers or etrade because of this and they have high minimums. However I found Schwab .. min trade is $1000, they accept bahamians, and they do pennystocks. So the info in your DVD will I be able to use it on Schwab??Or is there any problems you see??

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dux Dec 23, 17 2:43 PM

try sign up with trade zero

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@MichaelGoode Do I need a street-smart account in Charles Schwabb to short sell? Or can I just use my traditional Scottrade and td ameritrade accounts?

EvanCallert Nov 09, 17 3:09 PM

I am going to join the challenge very soon but just want to make sure myt money is right before i do, as welkl as have all my accounts and everything situated. That being said, I already have an Etrade account, however, not pro yet because of the cost i want to make sure im 100% ready before i dive in. Furthermore, i want to open one more account, do you think i should go with Charles Schwabb Streetsmart, Cobra Trading, or TD ameritrade thinkorswim; or if you have a better suggestion it would re

EvanCallert Nov 09, 17 6:50 PM

When you say Etrade, Do you mean Etrade PRO?

MichaelGoode Nov 10, 17 1:40 PM

Cobra is good. Interactive Brokers if you have $10k is good. Venom Trading (which is through Cobra / IB) is good if you don't have $10k. With Etrade obviously their pro platform is good but pricey and their normal trading interface is horrible. Actually Cobra/Venom is probably better.

EvanCallert Nov 10, 17 5:28 PM

I went with streetsmart edge and will open an ETrade Pro account later

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is anyone considering shorting CVNA? I'm trying but Schwab is punishing me in fees and asking me to call in to set it up. Might be closing my acct with them soon.

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My opinion on the best penny stock brokers - Etrade and Interactive Brokers have high account minimums and don’t accept people from certain countries so it's best to for people with smaller accounts to use Questrade, Schwab, SpeedTrader, Scottrade and Fidelity. I would highly recommend avoiding brokerages like Robinhood and Suretrader. Suretrader are based off-shore, allowing you to bypass the Pattern Day Trader rule but have recieved a lot of negative reviews from previous customers. Robinhood are free but you're at a serious disadvantage to your competition, it's like showing up to a gun fight with a knife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnqadcBE57I

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SergLND Sep 15, 17 12:00 PM

which broker do you recommend in UK ?

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