Going to set up a SureTrader account and will start paper trading there too. When I do get to the point of trading for real, I'll likely be only starting with a $500 to $1000 budget so they seem like a good fit. Couple of questions, see comments.

PennyFarmer Jun 14, 14 4:17 PM

Any tips on using Suretrader for paper trading?

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It's only been a short time since I passed training and became a commission-only car sales consultant, and already, I've made $1500+ in sales this week! I'm gradually building my trading account with a portion of each check. $2000 into my SureTrader account by May is within reach!

f00z May 17, 14 7:56 AM

Good objetive man, with effort and I clear goal you can make it. Good luck

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Just got my SureTrader account setup. Now to wait for the right trade.

BrokeBrokerV Mar 16, 14 5:18 PM

Hey man, what are some of the indicators your seeing that makes HART your potential play. I'm not seeing anything that is OBVIOUSLY suspicious. Can ya help me?

DragonBear Sep 06, 14 9:09 AM

what indicators are you using?

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Started at a car dealership on Tuesday 3/4 in order to make the money I need to put my trading skills to use. By May, I'll have at least $2k in my SureTrader account and will return to continue buying contract/earnings winners (i.e. OPTT), buying pumps early (i.e. WPWR) and, of course, shorting those same pumps (i.e. QFOR). Without the start-up capital, I was like an M16 rifle with limited ammo; more than capable of taking out multiple enemies, yet lacking the main ingredient to make it happen.

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keechiman Jun 05, 14 7:24 PM

They got a lot of money from me but left me no clue how to see live Tue/Thur chats, or where to signup for SureTrader - I need to participate or retreat - CS is not answering me - I feel like I'm getting ripped... - Keechiman

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Yeaaaaaaah budday! First day trading and made a profit of $82 in about an hour ! Pretty nice considering I have to got to work soon for about 8 hours to make maybe just a little more lol. Ill be posting those trades tomorrow, verified of course. Im gonna use this profile as kind of a journal for myself and anyone interested in my journey to make some big $$$. Right now I'm using Tim's strategy and really only focusing on shorting pumps IMO their is lower risk involve. I have a dangerously small account $4,500 so I have to trade extremely cautiously . My plan is to build it by piling up small gains and hopefully even smaller losses. Currently I'm using SureTrader Pro seems to be quite alright so far....Still have tons of stuff to work on but I will keep everyone or only myself updated lmao.

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SwifTrader Jan 19, 15 4:16 AM

The fact that they can lose your $$$ just like that, and not take accountability for it just speaks about the kind of broker We are dealing with. Im just going to wait and open an LLC entity to take advantage of the tax savings. For those of you

SwifTrader Jan 19, 15 4:19 AM

Who haven't open a company to trade your account, I will advise you to check Traders Accountant . Com. This is a very informative website with meaningful information. Must see!!!!

openallhours Jul 12, 15 1:20 PM

if your uk based have you looked at colmex pro ???

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Got slapped with a PDT restriction on eTrade and intraday trading was limited today, so I have opened a SureTrader account to circumvent this. Won't be able to trade again until next week while I wait for my account to be funded.

coolboyta Apr 10, 14 9:58 PM

instead of wiring fund just fund ur account with debit/credit card

arsonmc May 22, 14 5:40 PM

@coolboyta have you funded using debit/credit? I'm a little sketched out by them. also have heard some ppl haven't been able to withdraw profits.

SwifTrader Jan 19, 15 4:22 AM

Why isn't Tim opening his own trading Brokerage Firm... Sh@t.. He got the $$$.

JLLOYD30 Jan 28, 16 7:13 AM

@SwifTrader I thought about the same thing. He could make so much more money. Epecially if he opened in a area/country with no PDT compliance.

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