Could someone help me to set up. I have a TDAmeritrade account already. Is there a better recomendation? Also, what would be the best trading app for my phone?

jachyrah Sep 16, 20 11:21 PM

I prefer TDAmeritrade over Etrade personally. Interactive Brokers for accounts 25k-50k+ and for more share availibility for shorting. I am liking StockstoTrade for screening and watching charts. Don't like their broker integration much.

jsullivancent Mar 24, 21 12:18 AM

@jachyrah I'm new to the challenge and have been using STT for three weeks. I was about to do broker integration, what about it didn't you like?

jachyrah Apr 03, 21 10:20 PM

I'm still learning the software, and found out my pc was too old for all features to work properly. In the process of getting a new PC so hopefully Broker Integration will work for me then.

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Accountability post 06/10/2020-06/23/2020 I watched all of the live webinars and newest video lessons the last two weeks. I finished watching three more DVD's: Short Stocking, Learn Level 2, and Timdicators. I have also started watching "Trading Tickers." I finished the audiobook, "Trading for a Living" by Alexander Elder. I started listening to the audiobook, "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time" by David Einhorn. Listening to the audiobooks while I workout has been a good learning strategy to save time. I started watching "Trader Checklist Volume 1" in my Tim Sykes VIP education portal. I printed out some checklists to practice with. I started practicing today. I didn't trade, but I watched what the stocks were doing and compared that with my plan. I transferred my trading account from TDAmeritrade to E*Trade. I got hammered with OTC commissions using TDAmeritrade, and I plan on trading them a lot more. When I transferred my account from TDAmeritrade, I didn't realize they were going to close it when I did that. I was planning on still using the ToS platform, so I had to reopen my account. I called E*Trade and asked for access to E*Trade Pro while I was waiting for my funds to settle. I watched Tim Lento's turtorial webinar on E*Trade Pro, and I set up my screens as close as I could get to what I had in ToS. I like the platform, but I like ToS better. I'll keep E*Trade Pro as a back up. I made some money playing options. I've been following Mark Croock's alerts. I also had my biggest loss playing options on $APT over the weekend. I am still in the green, but it really hurt.

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Accountability post 04/13/2020-04/28/2020 I watched and took notes on all 13 Challenge Orientation Videos in the student portal. I watched and took notes on 3 of the DVD's on "Penny Stocking Part Deux," "Penny Stocking Framework Part Deux," and "Spikability." I signed up for E*Trade, Interactive Brokers, and TDAmeritrade (to get access to Think or Swim paper trading). I already had a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, but I only have used that account for traveling since they don't charge ATM or foreign transaction fees on a high yeild investor checking account. I have never traded before. I will probably use E*Trade, and I have already moved my trading money into that account even though I don't plan on trading for real for at least a month. I signed up for the Stocks to Trade trial a few days ago, and I went through all of Tim Bohen's Getting Started lessons in STT University. I really like this stock scanner, but I am hesitant to subscribe. The fee is daunting to me since my only income at the moment is coming from unemployment. That might be something I can get when I start profiting. Meanwhile I'll have to learn a more affordable platform. I watched all three live webinars last week (Tim Lento, Tim Sykes, and Mark Croock). I watched Tim Lento's live webinar today, and I plan on catching Tim Grittani's webinar later this afternoon. I have reminders set for the webinars scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday as well. This week I have made it a point to open chat at market open, and I have been following the other traders in the room as they discuss their trades. I have been paper trading some of these trades to learn the mechanics. I have been making a lot of mistakes, but I'm learning from them and it's not a disaster since I'm trading with fake money. I've played with E*Trade, Think or Swim, and Stocks to Trade. Stocks to Trade has been the easiest one for me figure out, probably because of the tutorial I watched. I have been living and breathing the material these past two weeks, but I know I am only scratching the surface of things that I need to know to succeed at this endeavor. I understand the basics of trading and the stock market, but there is definitely a lot of room to build on top of that knowledge. I'm looking forward to the journey!

techangel21 Mar 12, 21 2:58 AM

thanks so much ! been busy and tired but this saved me so much time! good luck with your trades...

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@GodfreyS just became a fully transparent trader today! Started to dive deep into penny stocks December 2019, when I found Tim Sykes from Steven Dux youtube. Since then Ive watched all of Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Steven Dux, Roland Wolf, Mike Huddie, Kyle Williamis youtube videos. The Stock to Trade youtube series "TWIST' This Week In Steady Trade is very good. I've read Sykes book American Hedge Fund I also read The Complete Penny Stock Course (6/10/2020) and a lot of his blog post on his website. I bought and watched multiple time when I first got them How to make Million (3/6/2020) Trader Checklist part Deux and PennyStocking Framework Part Deux (4/19/2020) I started tracking and posting on Profitly June 25th, 2020. Started trading with my money end of January 2020. These are dates of how much I added to which accounts. Etrade Margin 1.16.2020-$500 4.14 - $500 4.27 - $500 5.07 - $500 5.21 - $500 Charles Schwab Margin 5.5.2020 - $500 7.14 - $500 Wells Fargo Margin 7.1.2020 - $200 TDAmeritrade Cash 7.21.2020 - $500

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Roller coaster ride on $SRNE today. In at $2.36 added at $2.26 but not enough to average down. Then price dropped to $2.06. Almost lost $800. News was good, and vol was high at 8 Mill, so prayed that it goes up. 30 mins later, it went up to $2.35, made $120 and called it quit. Price went up to $2.50, could've made about $400. I'm just glad that it went back up. Will be verifying trade tomorrow through TDAmeritrade, since it won't let me verify today.

Diegocorona Dec 25, 19 12:52 AM

I need some help to start to trade plsss with marihuana

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