$10 Profit
WKHSLong Stock

Entry comments: first green day closing strong and I am long

Exit comments: idk man


$200 Profit
SMRTShort Stock

First penny stock trade. Follow tims updates to get this going. Got busy at work and missed the 1.41 sell point. Didn't want to hold, seems i got out a little early as it went back to 1.43 later on. Made a quick 200 bucks



Entry comments: solid FGD with volume and news catalyst. holding o/n for the gap up, but since i got in 30 min before market close I'm already up roughly 15%. put my limit sell order GTC in at 4:00 pm so my position will be closed at the market open

Exit comments: closed at market open with a tiny gap up but an overall 17% trade.


($54) Loss
SESNLong Stock

My plan was to buy the breakout, it failed. My technical analysis was sloppy. Price fell and cut losses.


$16 Profit
SESNLong Stock

Small position on a small rise, missed the big climb but small profit


($150) Loss
JMULong Stock

Former supernova up on news of acquiring Unicorn investment limited. Waited for dip at market open, but misread chart and got in too early at 1.87. I held on even though I knew I should've gotten out with small loss or even a small gain when it didn't go my way. Watched it go sideways for a while after dropping and I got out with bigger loss at 1.72. Rule #1!!!---Follow it<<<<<


Open Trade
CMRSLong Stock

Entry comments: Try again....


($12) Loss
CRSMLong Stock
$60 Profit
BIOCLong Stock

Entry comments: Had it on an old watch list, but while working got the alert about it. Checked the news on it and jumped in. Holding overnight for a morning spike to see what happens.

Exit comments: Tried to exit at open, however weak cell signal while in drs office messed that up. Was lucky to escape with a small profit after overnight hold.


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