Got in NIO on the double-bottom with extra small size due to the choppiness, but got shaken out after seeing huge sellers on the Ask with low buying pressure. Turns out I could have held as it's bouncing a bit, but the bigger lesson is to continue considering speculative dip buys using extra small size; instead of taking them off the table completely. I'm also sadly giving up on ETrade Pro (likely), because ThinkorSwim is just way better when it comes to saving orders; and it's just not feasible to have 5+ potential plays, constantly changing the order entry trying to decide which one is the right one to get into. ETrade Pro's process for accessing/editing/submitting saved orders takes like 3-5 clicks where TOS is 1-2. I'm seriously considering moving all funds from ETrade to TDAmeritrade under a second cash account and using it for T+3 as needed. Sad, because I love ETrade Pro's setup and HATE how cluttered TOS is (not to mention the lack of customization), but I've made it "tight" and made the font smaller in the settings; so TOS feels MUCH easier to navigate. With my now deciding to jump in on smaller panics with smaller size, more potential plays are opening up. Excited =) #PanicsOnly #TilPDT

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