Was looking to re-fund my Interactive Brokers account for three additional day trades (to make nine total per week = two per day Mon-Thu and one on Friday) but was disappointed to see that IB closed my account a week prior. They did this apparently because not only did I withdraw all funds to stick with just two accounts, but I also unsubscribed from their Level 1/Level 2 data plans. I could have "requested" that they reinstate my account (only after resubscribing, of course), but I was put off by the fact that they went so far as to CLOSE the account........ I've been looking into WeBull, given that many traders that I follow on YouTube love and speak highly of it. I decided that this was a grand opportunity to finally check it out for myself. After all, I really only need a third broker until I get over PDT (which should be the next 6-8 months). After that, I would stick to ETrade for day trading and later on TDAmeritrade for swings as well. I'm fully invested in their platforms. Today was my first experience trading with WeBull, using the $1,000 that they give you while your deposited funds clear. At first, I was going to only use one day trade. This way, I would still have two trades left to use with my full equity in that account when funds clear tomorrow. But with FCEL running so nicely, it occurred to me that only using $500-1000 per trade was enough given it's volatility during huge run-ups. Yesterday, I'd only felt comfortable using $500-1000 on FCEL and it turned out to be the right choice. FCEL is the only fast-moving slow-mover that I'd be willing to trade. Long story short, WeBull is fantastic, but the slow P/L updates during trades was definitely not my cup of tea. Executions were.... pretty quick, especially for fast-moving FCEL; and I've decided to keep WeBull as the temporary third broker. Even after I stop using them for trades, I'll continue using the free tools to watch up to six tickers in the background. BUT--- one critical thing that I'd noticed today was that after sizing in on FCEL (and exiting the trade) I still apparently had two day trades remaining. With the sketchy P/L lag, I chaulked this up to them needing more time to account for the second day trade. On both ETrade and TDA, two entries (even into one position) sold on the same day count as TWO day trades. I've previously heard from Kyle Williams directly that Interactive Brokers allows sizing into trades to still count as one day trade, though I'd never gotten the opportunity to test it out for myself. Apparently, this varies from broker to broker and I suppose that WeBull is one of those that count multiple entries into one position as a single trade. This changes the game for me, as it sunk in about ten minutes ago that I could now size-in twice all five days of the week on the same account. Previously, the plan was to use two trades for ETrade and TDA on Monday and Tuesday, two trades from the third broker on Wednesday, one of two SEPARATE brokers on Thursday (not sizing in, just different trades) and just one left on Friday. The limitations in this strategy were that for the 4th and 5th days, I would not be able to size-in on trades. As a result, I would simply trade with either half or full-size on those days; but if WeBull is counting multiple entries as one trade, then this means that I could size-in with them for the last three days of each cycle. This takes my low risk/huge reward strategy to an everyday level. In the end, I only typically trade 2-3x per week anyhow, but with this new ease of entry, I may be willing to speculatively enter more trades; not to mention the fact that my new 1/3 to 3/3 sizing method makes achieving 5 to 1 or better risk/reward much easier than ever. Trading FCEL today, my small-loss stop-out for the 1/3 initial entry was 20 CENTS down. For FCEL, that was so low that it wasn't even visible on the chart--- for a SMALL loss. #StrategyandExecution #BrickByBrick #Ninja

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