I've decided to change my trading format, as I'm still working out the technical kinks of both shorting and using multiple platforms. WeBull doesn't seem to have consistent or definitive rules on which stocks are shortable or which ones are hard-to-borrow, so I'll only be using them once per week. When building watchlists, WeBull showed CZR as "easy to borrow" until I got a "hard-to-borrow" pop-up on a test order. It wasn't until I restarted the program that it updated to now show CZR as "hard-to-borrow". That's unreliable when I'm trying to plan trades, but the software isn't giving accurate and real-time information on what shares are available to short and the terms enforced. The other four days of the week will now be split between ETrade and TDAmeritrade. Both have far more easy-to-borrow shorts available over WeBull and so I'll see how things work with using two trades on Monday, one on Tuesday (at ETrade); two trades on Wednesday, one on Thursday (at TDA); followed by just one at WeBull on Friday. I currently have $16,000 in equity; so I'll leave $3,000 at WeBull, splitting the other $13,000 between ETrade and TDA. I'll size in half/half on Monday/Wednesday with $3,000 to $6,000 and just use $3,000 on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday. Every time you face an obstacle, chances are there's a way around it.

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