Over the past week, I've been really pulling back on trading to build, refine and confirm my trading strategy; with quite a few changes. I've dumped the 2nd/3rd Red Day Premarket Gap-Down and expanded the Reversal from Support/Resistance to now the Gap & Crap and Support Bounce. The Gap & Crap is (for me) a premarket gap-up that is resting at key resistance just before market open. Once the bell rings, it typically craps out down to key support. I'll short at the open and cover down at support. The Support Bounce is the opposite: premarket gap-down to key support, for a bounce after the opening bell. Buy the dip, sell the rip and move on. I'll also play the reversals for each setup, effectively turning two setups into four. After PDT, I'll still plan to trade two at-a-time, since these slow-movers are so easy to juggle. Over the past week, I've watched time and time again as these two setups provide numerous opportunities every single day. Perhaps that's due to the market consolidating, but my focus is still to master setups that I'll be able to continue using when the market stabilizes. I could keep the PMGD Short for the occasional perfect play, but that seems to have only been a great setup while the market was tanking. When everything stabilizes and we get a consistent pattern of consecutive green days to short after the First Red Day, perhaps I'll reintroduce the PMGD Short as a third solid setup. ----- As a matter of fact, I'll make that official now. Its truly a repeatable and highly profitable setup and so I'll bring it back when the time is right... I've also decided to completely eliminate sizing into plays. Instead, I've expanded on widening my stop-out on small size, to avoid not only being stopped out too early, but being stopped out altogether; as an ultra-wide stop is often far from the point for where a pattern would be broken. This gives mental clarity and focus for the price-action, since I'll never have to worry about being stopped out. I can simply cut the position when the pattern is broken. Using small but respectable size, with the ultra-wide stop, I'll replace sizing in on ideal price-action with DOUBLING my position ONLY IF the stock rips/blows or cracks through my sell/cover target. If it goes beyond my ideal exit point, it's proven itself as more than a single and would then be worthy of higher equity. I can now essentially focus on taking singles with respectable size, while still having the ultra-wide stop and maximum focus for every trade; with two highly effective setups to trade with. This also means that I can reintroduce TDAmeritrade for nine potential trades per week (ETrade, TDA, WeBull), which I very well may use with all the Gap & Craps and Support Bounces taking place nearly every day. I've also removed my Unrealized $ Profit/Loss (Tim Grittani-esque), replacing it with the Unrealized % P/L instead. I'd rather not remove it altogether, as I feel comfortable seeing the position moving (just to know that it's active on the platform). This has already proven to provide much more calmness during trading..... That's about it =) --- oh.... I've also reduced my max equity to just $100 per trade (yes, $100 max) until I confirm two weeks of consistent profits between these two setups. I was using $1000, but for the purposes of testing the strategy; there's no need to lose more equity than needed. My max loss going forward will be 10% (which I'll rarely hit with the ultra-wide stop beyond pattern breakage), so currently I am risking $10 per trade for which I would have to be TERRIBLY wrong to achieve. My typical stop by pattern breakage will be 4-6%, well before my max loss. I'll use the 10% rule forever, as I am COMPLETELY in love with the ultra-wide stop-out.

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