Accountability post 06/10/2020-06/23/2020 I watched all of the live webinars and newest video lessons the last two weeks. I finished watching three more DVD's: Short Stocking, Learn Level 2, and Timdicators. I have also started watching "Trading Tickers." I finished the audiobook, "Trading for a Living" by Alexander Elder. I started listening to the audiobook, "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time" by David Einhorn. Listening to the audiobooks while I workout has been a good learning strategy to save time. I started watching "Trader Checklist Volume 1" in my Tim Sykes VIP education portal. I printed out some checklists to practice with. I started practicing today. I didn't trade, but I watched what the stocks were doing and compared that with my plan. I transferred my trading account from TDAmeritrade to E*Trade. I got hammered with OTC commissions using TDAmeritrade, and I plan on trading them a lot more. When I transferred my account from TDAmeritrade, I didn't realize they were going to close it when I did that. I was planning on still using the ToS platform, so I had to reopen my account. I called E*Trade and asked for access to E*Trade Pro while I was waiting for my funds to settle. I watched Tim Lento's turtorial webinar on E*Trade Pro, and I set up my screens as close as I could get to what I had in ToS. I like the platform, but I like ToS better. I'll keep E*Trade Pro as a back up. I made some money playing options. I've been following Mark Croock's alerts. I also had my biggest loss playing options on $APT over the weekend. I am still in the green, but it really hurt.

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